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@isellhealth Sep 23, 14:07

Fate of Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Tax Hangs in Balance

@isellhealth Sep 23, 14:00

Enrollment shortened, now only a half day on Sundays!!!

@isellhealth Sep 23, 13:59

Obamacare signup site to be shut down for 12 hours nearly every Sunday of open enrollment via @NewsHour

@isellhealth Sep 23, 13:56

Rugby day!!!!!

@isellhealth Sep 23, 12:14

Excited to watch @Blaze_Academy @RugbyPlainfield today in Lemont. Good luck Barbarians.

@isellhealth Sep 23, 12:11

Great day for @RugbyPlainfield @BlazeRFC today at 10am

@MediaJuggernaut Sep 23, 12:09

"Trump in Alabama": We WILL Cut Taxes For The Middle-Class & We Will Get People Off Of Welfare... Ronald Reagan💯…

@DailyCaller Sep 23, 12:09

Bannon: Why Are McConnell And Ryan Letting Democrats Investigate Trump?

@isellhealth Sep 23, 12:08

@SenJohnMcCain campaigns on repealing #Obamacare and again will support it.#RINO #ObamacareRepeal

@PEHS_Athletics Sep 23, 11:53

Bengals fall 44-24 against Joliet West.

@isellhealth Sep 22, 19:20

So @lindacohn was suspended, @gehrig38 was fired, but @jemelehill is still employed and on the air #BoycottEspn

@PEHSOrangeCrush Sep 22, 18:41

Tailgate tomorrow at 5! $1 HOT DOGS First come first serve, there will be Music & games too. If u want u can bring…

@fnfcoaches Sep 22, 18:40

“Concentrate on what will produce results rather than on the results, the process rather than the prize.” -Bill W…

@StevenWeiss Sep 22, 12:00

Been yrs since flying @SouthwestAir only b/c not convenient to local airport. I recall their awesomeness. #HasntChanged.

@isellhealth Sep 22, 02:23

ESPN Suspended Linda Cohn, Let Jemele Hill Slide

@USFreedomArmy Sep 22, 02:16

No work no eat. This once was the basic motto for America. No longer. Join us and enlist at…

@TMarleyfedup Sep 22, 02:16

Looking for a better way to manage your money? Check out this article for the best budgeting apps and spending...

@goldmedalmind Sep 22, 02:15

A good practice is the enemy of a great practice. Champions practice to the max. #TheChampionsMind #Attitude…

@CoachWeck Sep 22, 02:15

Are you a great teammate?

@ChrisSalcedoTX Sep 21, 20:16

It's fitting that @BarackObama feel some of the misery he gave us for 8 years. We felt the same way when he attacke…

@ChrisSalcedoTX Sep 21, 20:16

FINALLY: Unqualified, corrupt & irresponsible @BarackObama hire is fired for placing our nation's vets at risk....

@isellhealth Sep 21, 15:09

And so it begins!!

@isellhealth Sep 21, 15:08

Illinois submits big Obamacare rate increases to the feds

@ChrisSalcedoTX Sep 21, 12:26

Basket of Bias Press doesn't want to know: Did Resident @BarackObama Know about Comey’s Surveillance? #SalcedoStorm

@isellhealth Sep 20, 14:12

Reading @beckershr 17 statistics on the current state of US healthcare spending, finances

@PmiCenter Sep 19, 20:00

@FoxNews @PaulManafort Ryan, McLame, and Limpy Graham - you gotta lotta 'splainin to do!

@FoxNews Sep 19, 19:58

Former Trump campaign chair @PaulManafort wiretapped by US investigators, report says

@isellhealth Sep 19, 13:11

Sally Pipes is fantastic

@isellhealth Sep 19, 13:11

Kasich-Hickenlooper Plan Rescues Obamacare, Abandons Patients via @forbes

What to look for in the 2015 Affordable Care Act Plans

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