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@isellhealth May 28, 02:18

CSN Philly - Phillies: Former Phillies pitcher, Hall of Famer Jim Bunning dies at 85

@isellhealth May 27, 23:13

Eric Wilson with Tom Roten radio show

@RoverTreks May 27, 18:44

Share the love: @juzelchristii @isellhealth @womb_art, thanks for being top new followers this week :)

@isellhealth May 27, 13:10

There's No Way Obamacare Can Last via @feeonline

@isellhealth May 27, 13:08

HHS: Arizona premiums under Obamacare almost tripled since 2013 via @azds

@isellhealth May 26, 20:48

Eric Wilson with Tom Roten radio show

@isellhealth May 26, 13:16

HHS Report Finds Premiums Have Doubled Under Obamacare | Congressman Steve Scalise

@isellhealth May 26, 13:14

Many of the people who will 'lose coverage' under Obamacare repeal will choose to do so via @dcexaminer

@IngrahamAngle May 26, 13:11

Twitter moves to "suspend" naughty news site for reporting that Donna Brazile called D.C. Police....

@IngrahamAngle May 26, 13:11

Obama Says Walls are Bad in Germany? "President Obama Builds a Wall for Rental House" via @TMZ

@marklevinshow May 26, 13:10

Media Matters liars and lib media push Hannity boycott with advertisers. Fight back!

@newsbusters May 26, 13:10

.@SeanHannity stands with the troops, but @USAA won't stand with him. Why are they still running ads on far-left @MSNBC? #IStandWithHannity

@IngrahamAngle May 26, 13:09

The @USAA dropping @hannity is shameful--esp after all he has done for our troops. #IStandWithHannity

@IngrahamAngle May 26, 13:09

And if you are a member of @USAA pls call them, email them--make your voices heard. Vote with your wallets.

@RichardGrenell May 26, 13:09

I have car, home & other insurance with USAA but will be switching today. I support tolerant & diverse political vi…

@IngrahamAngle May 26, 13:09

Now the board of @USAA_help is caving to the politically poisonous pleas of Soros-funded left-wing radicals. #IStandwithHannity

@IngrahamAngle May 26, 13:08

Obama Admin illegally spied on American citizens, liberals yawn. Meanwhile, FBI leaking info to media to try to intimidate Trump.

@cnsnews May 26, 13:08

Will @USAA drop advertising on liberal shows now that they've abandoned @SeanHannity? It'd be hypocritical not to! #IStandWithHannity

@IngrahamAngle May 26, 13:08

What would @msnbc do without Russia? Obsessed. They are deranged, obsessed and so transparently riding the impeachment train.

@terrymendozer May 26, 02:56

Just a reminder to activist judges that #manchesterattack was done by someone that travelled to 2 countries on…

@ShannonBream May 25, 21:12

Thanks for visiting @AmericaNewsroom @FoxNews today!

@isellhealth May 25, 13:57

Anthem weighing ObamaCare exit as uncertainty grows |

@isellhealth May 25, 13:56

Another Obamacare insurer just quit, leaving 25 Missouri counties with no options via @voxdotcom

@isellhealth May 24, 19:41

Premiums have doubled since before Obamacare, says HHS report

@isellhealth May 24, 19:39

Premiums have doubled since before Obamacare, says HHS report via @dcexaminer

@CollinRugg May 24, 02:21

Maddow is glorified for her conspiracy theories, but Sean Hannity is being SMEARED for asking questions. RETWEET t…

@HeatherChilders May 24, 02:21

Join @SchmittNYC & me an hour earlier tomorrow for @FoxFriendsFirst 4-5am ET. @POTUS's stop in Italy & latest on #Manchester terror attack.

@PeterVoogd23 May 24, 02:19

What I stand for speaks for itself.

@ddlovato May 24, 02:19

Just kicking Jason’s ass in my new @fabletics gear 😂 You can get my whole outfit here

@PhilliesViews May 24, 02:18

Lifeless Phillies should call up red-hot Roman Quinn ... why not?

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