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@jminkler Nov 24, 11:05

The latest The jminkler Daily! Thanks to @isellhealth @SocialInDallas #ecommerce #heartthis

@isellhealth Nov 23, 11:36

7 Ways to Develop More Persistence in Sales

@PeterVoogd23 Nov 22, 23:38

Intelligent people see past hype.

@jackhauman Nov 22, 23:38

Give thanks for Englewood’s chess champions #Chess is so much more than a game it's a lifestyle.

@isellhealth Nov 22, 14:45

No!! Rates have more than tripled already, since the ACA has gone into effect. Health insurance already cost...

@isellhealth Nov 21, 12:27

Excited that the great Joe Wilson is coming to town today!! Woo Whoo!~

@TimmerHalligan Nov 20, 02:50

The latest The Timmer Halligan Daily! Thanks to @isellhealth #impeachment #blackfriday

@isellhealth Nov 20, 01:43

Trump Found the Perfect Way to Negate Chief Justice Robert's Obamacare Ruling

@FoxNews Nov 20, 00:04

.@Varneyco: "Virtually everybody... will get a better, bigger paycheck come January if we get a tax cut done this y…

@FoxNews Nov 20, 00:03

13 House Republicans who voted against the tax bill.

@theblaze Nov 20, 00:01

Report: Obama deliberately misled America on Al Qaeda in 2012 to help his chances of re-election

@djoneshoop Nov 20, 00:01

Saquon Barkley's decision to play in Penn State's bowl is typically unselfish

@isellhealth Nov 19, 23:57

'Hope and Change' — We Just Learned Who's Paying 80% of the Obamacare Mandate and It's Bad

@USARugby Nov 19, 11:54

Rugby at the White House!🏉

@PeterVoogd23 Nov 19, 11:53

As technology changes so does the leverage. Make sure you’re on the right side 📈

@BSDtweet Nov 19, 11:53

If Penn State holds onto win, the 2014 recruiting class seniors (Marcus Allen, Grant Haley, etc.) will end their ca…

@BlazeRFC Nov 19, 11:52

Congrats to ISU Mens Rugby Club who scored four OT tries on our field today beating Montana St 30-10 in a DII...

@jackhauman Nov 19, 11:52

Not everyone can be as articulate and sagacious as yourself Ms Pelosi. 🚂🇺🇸

@TimmerHalligan Nov 18, 18:53

The latest The Timmer Halligan Daily! #readbyrichard #zuma

@isellhealth Nov 18, 02:41

745 PM.. Still in the office-Busiest open enrollment day yet for me!

@FoxBusiness Nov 17, 02:47

.@SpeakerRyan: "This country has not rewritten it's tax code since 1986... yet 227 men and women of this Congress b…

@seanhannity Nov 17, 02:46

Media Matters Silent on Al Franken Groping Charge @georgesoros @nytimes

@isellhealth Nov 15, 21:56

Report: Skyrocketing Medicaid Enrollment Leading to Increased Government Dependency

@isellhealth Nov 15, 13:04

Here’s what happens if Obamacare mandate is repealed, as Senate is considering

@isellhealth Nov 15, 13:01

Interesting take

What to look for in the 2015 Affordable Care Act Plans

An alternative to your 401(K)

Medicare Informational training

The four Boxes ( types) of Money

Health and Life Insurance

We work with health insurance carriers both on and off the exchange. We are also in the Senior Market with Medicare Supplements and Retirement Solutions. We operate in ten states. On the Life Insurance side we specialize in designing a Tax Free Retirement.

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